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Welcome to our humble dōjō!


The TAKE Lyon Iaidō club, located north of Lyon in Curis au Mont d'Or welcomes you on Tuesdays and Fridays to practice Iaidō, the way of the Japanese sword.

Founded on October 8, 2014, it is governed by France Judo, the French federation bringing together judo, jujitsu, kendo and associated disciplines (FFJDA).

Its vocation is:

to teach and practice traditional martial arts linked to the Japanese sword, in particular Iaidō, and in a complementary way possibly, the practice of other physical, sporting and outdoor activities, in the spirit of traditional Japanese schools (Ryu), and more generally in that of Budo (Martial Ways)

to encourage their discovery by organizing demonstrations and cultural and sporting events, to promote and encourage encounters between the great spiritual, historical, artistic and sporting traditions and cultures

Registration possible all year round. Free trial class session.

Our Sustainable Team

Chief Instructors

Cédric AUBIN : l'enseignant principal de Take Lyon Iaido

Cédric AUBIN

Chief Instructor - 先生

5th Dan Iaidō - 1st Dan Aikido

CFEB holder

Deputy DTR - AURA Region

Dan Grades Examination Board

Cédric has been practicing Martial Arts for over 25 years, in particular Iaidō for over 15 years. He participates in numerous national and international development and teaching courses, supervised by Japanese and European masters (Sensei). He particularly follows the teachings of Koryu Muso Shinden Ryu.

Deputy Regional Technical Delegate (DTR) in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, he participates in the organization and running of courses in his region and in peripheral regions. He is a Dan Grades Examinator.

Guillaume Clave : l'enseignant assistant de Take Lyon Iaido

Guillaume CLAVE

Instructor Assistant

3rd Dan Iaidō - 1st Dan Judo

Senpaï - 先輩

Guillaume began studying Japanese combat sports with Judo and has been moving towards Iaidō for over 8 years. The oldest in the club (Senpaï), he assists the main teacher or alone runs training in the club.

He also follows numerous regional and national courses in France, supervised by French masters and Japanese Sensei.

He particularly studies Koryu Muso Shinden Ryu in the club's tradition with his teacher.

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1032 route des Monts d'Or



+33 (0) 6 65 49 89 32

Salle du Vallon à Curis au mont d'or